You can feel happy and at home in your body.  
Stop dieting and find real health. 

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Non-Diet Nutrition Counseling

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Are your food choices causing stress and anxiety? Do you feel disconnected from what your body actually wants to eat? Do you want to feel better but aren't sure what to do? 

The enormous role that food plays in our lives should be celebrated, not denied. Food Is Good. So can be your relationship to food and your body. It can be hard, however, to sort through the abundance of information and messaging out there and find a way of eating and taking care of yourself that is peaceful and truly nourishing.  

I help people all over the country make positive changes to the way they think about food, movement, and self-care. We'll work together to reach your goals in sustainable, healthy ways. I am committed to creating as safe a place as possible to help you work through your relationship to food so that you can feel calm and balanced. I work with people of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, identities, and abilities to find a peaceful and hopeful way to think about and nourish your one and only unique body. 


Ready to get started? 

If you are ready and want to get started on your path to food and body image healing, go ahead and book an appointment. We'll take it from there. 

What clients are saying

"Working with Emily changed my whole mindset about food, my body, and eating for the better! I have a new and improved outlook on my relationship with food, and how I can take care of my body and mind by eating what and when feels right and good, not beating myself up about eating “unhealthy” foods or judging myself for eating too much or too little. I LOVE food and now through our work together, I get to enjoy it again!" 


"Emily has helped me SO much in changing the way I approach and think about eating. Her non-judgmental and compassionate style has given me permission to not be so hard on myself when it comes to food and weight. Instead of only giving the "how to's," she's worked with me to see this as an inside-out approach which has made all the difference."


Stop the constant worry about food and find peace, balance, and health. 

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