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Nutrition counseling for womxn who want to trust their body and their appetite

Weight-inclusive nutrition can help you

Find peace with your food choices, your health, and your body

Stop obsessing about your diet, get rid of the food guilt, and find liberation to know what you want


Feel empowered to make food decisions that you know work for YOU

I'd love to guide you toward peace and pleasure with food and your body

Ways To Work With Me

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Love Food Again


This transformative 5-month program was designed after years of working with people 1-1 to create the ultimate healing journey. This program walks you through everything from mindset to grocery lists to body image meditations. This is for you're ready to break free from dieting and body shame and learn to eat with confidence.

Read more about what helps my clients, get tips for how to make intuitive eating work for you, and get clear on how to find liberation and freedom. Come play in my corner of the world. 

Emily Van Eck HAES dietitian intuitive eating therapist best nutritionist austin best nutritionist new orleans

hi, i'm emily

I help people get out of diet culture's web, make peace with food and their body, and find empowerment to live their best lives.

I provide non-diet nutrition counseling, body image healing, and eating disorder nutrition therapy to help you take back your life, improve your mental and physical health, and enjoy food again. 

What clients are saying

"With PCOS, I would get the advice "just lose weight", and I knew that was not the answer I was looking for. Emily helped me unpack the beliefs I've not even realized I've held about food. I started dieting when I was 8 years old. At 16, I found myself in the throes of a binge eating disorder. After years of working to heal my relationship to my body, I knew I was ready to do some more healing when it came to food. To put it best, working with Emily has transformed my relationship with food. She's guided me through healing major anxieties around my diet and taught me how to fuel and energize my body in a way that supports my lifestyle and health. She practices through a non-judgmental, gentle lens and holds empathy for the weight bias that I've experienced. She adds value to my relationship with my body and food by helping me deconstruct the unhealthy ideas about eating that I've held for years, which has allowed me to enjoy food again with less stress. I wish everyone I knew could work with Emily." 

sydney scott

client testimonial working with emily helped me what it's like to work with intuitive eating therapist

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Working with a non-diet dietitian can bring out your most authentic and abundant relationship with food 

Aren't quite sure what you need? Let's chat about it.

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