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intuitive eating dietitian

Learn  To  Trust  Your  Body

Dietitian Nutritionist & Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

Inclusive, non-judgemental, non-diet nutrition care for those who want to improve their physical, mental, and emotional health and find peace with food. 

intuitive eating dietitian

Learn To Trust Your Body

Registered Dietitian & Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

Inclusive, non-judgemental, non-diet nutrition services for those who want to improve their physical, mental, and emotional health and find peace with food. 

If you want nutrition solutions without the doubt, overwhelm, and fear that diet culture gives you, you’re in the right place.

Nutrition Counseling For

Eating Disorders

Unfortunately, disordered eating incredibly common. But it doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to the culture. We’ll work on getting you adequately nourished, stabilizing your eating habits, and calming your anxiety about food, eating, and your body so you can work toward trusting yourself with food. This is deep, highly rewarding work.

Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating is a self-care framework, not a set of rules to follow. If you’ve been losing and gaining the same weight year after year and feel like you don’t know what to eat anymore, intuitive eating can help. No matter what nutrition solutions we’re working on, body image is central to the converations. You’ll learn to listen to your hunger, fullness, and satisfaction, instead of all the useless rules in your head.

Body Image

No matter what nutrition solutions we’re working on, body image is central to the converations. Our relationships with food are hard to budge if we’re not taking a look at how you feel about your body and what beliefs those feelings stem from.

Fertility & Perinatal Nutrition

Many women receive unhelpful and ineffective ‘solutions’ for issues about fertility, periods, and perinatal health. If you have a disordered eating history, this can be especially murky. We’ll build strong, nurturing mindbody habits, while working to heal – or maintain – your relationship with food and your body. Supplement protocols and meal planning are also used when appropriate.

Ways To Work With Me

intuitive eating dietitian

Work With Me 1-1

Non-diet nutrition counseling to help you make sustainable food choices and get back your life. We’ll work from where you’re at to make sure you’re nurturing yourself effectively and calmly and caring for your perfectly imperfect body.

intuitive eating dietitian

Love Food Again

This intimate group coaching experience will walk you through everything you need to go from dysfunctional to calm with food.  Mindset, emotions, intuitive eating, exercise, and body image are thoroughly explored. The power of community cannot be denied. 

intuitive eating dietitian

Free Audio Course

This FREE 5-day mini course guides you through getting started (or getting a new perspective) on how to use intuitive eating as a guide and foundation for healing your relationship with food.

Book a discovery call to get clear on your path to peace and freedom with food.

intuitive eating dietician

Your body is not the enemy.

If a tumultuous relationship with food and your body is keeping you from nourishing yourself well and without self-blame and rigidity, you may have some healing to do. Not fixing – healing.

Often in our society, we are taught the size and shape of our body is the most important thing about us. This can cause disconnection and disorder, not to mention mental and emotional pain.

Reconnecting with the internal wisdom of your body can provide you with a smooth and loving way of nourishing yourself. You can unlearn the self-criticism and  “I should lose weight” in your head, on repeat.

Build confidence and trust in yourself to make food decisions that honor your health, your body, and your palate.

A non-diet, healing approach to food understands that no two bodies are alike. 

If food feels angsty, there is something going on. We’ll work to address the source and build nutrition and self-care solutions.

Addressing the system that creates dysfunction is essential for healing and for building habits of self-care and self-love.  Once you understand this, you can rebuild the way you think and act with food, movement, and self-care. You’ll use rational and logical approaches to eating so you feel balanced, in control, and normal. And are still enjoying your food – maybe more than ever. 

No matter what your health situation, changing your eating habits doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Our society’s cultural beliefs around healthy food and healthy bodies – if left unexamined, are informing your choices. 

This is especially true for women.

We can unpack that.

intuitive eating dietitian

Hi, there.

I’m Emily

I’m non-diet and weight-inclusive intuitive eating dietitian, body image healer, and nutritionist in Austin. I’m HAES-aligned, trauma-informed, and have a strong feminist lens. I help women+ find balance with food, movement, and radical self-care and figure out what health means to them. 

My Process

Work with me and we’ll work together to improve your health and help you like (and maybe even love) eating again.

1. Book A Discovery Call

If you might want to work together, let’s chat and get to know each other a little. Set up a time that works for you in my online scheduler. If you don’t see any times that work for you or if you’d rather write to me to find out more before you book a discovery call, email me and we’ll go from there.

2. Choose A Plan

During the discovery call (or via email) we’ll talk about what’s going on for you with food, health, and your body image. I’ll try and understand more about you and your goals. Based on what you’re dealing with mentally and physically, and what type of format you work best in, we’ll decide together if individual work or my group program would be best. We’ll also talk about payment options and sheduling logistics.

3. Our Work Together

If you’re coming to me to heal your relationship with food or to find non-diet approaches to ongoing health issues, I usually suggest a 6-month committment to start, touching base weekly or biweekly. I typically see people for 6 months – 1 year, sometimes longer. Real solutions take time and committment. But everyone is unique and some people just need a few sessions to get what they need.

4. Fly Off On Your Own

Often this type of healing work takes time and practice. It’s not a one-and-done type of deal. Once the core of the food and body work can come to a natural end, we’ll come up with a plan to teeter off of our work and for you to continue practicing your new tools on your own.

build confidence with food and trust in your body.

What clients are saying

intuitive eating dietician

Sydney Scott

“With PCOS, I would get the advice “Just lose weight”, and I knew that was not the answer I was looking for. Emily is non-judgemental and empathetic, which helped me unpack the weight bias I’ve experienced and my beliefs about food and my body. To put it best, working with Emily has transformed my relationship with food. I’ve healed major anxieties around food and learned how to fuel and energize my body in a way that supports my lifestyle and health. I enjoy food again and am way less stressed about it. I wish everyone I knew could work with Emily.”

intuitive eating dietitian

Roslyn Dubberstein

“My relationship to food has completely transformed. I used to constantly feel I had to make “better” choices. Now, I check in with myself and am more attuned to my needs. I am still learning about my body’s cues every day, but by giving myself the freedom to explore food without restriction, I no longer feel an urgency to eat certain foods and then “start over” the next day. It’s been really cool to allow myself to ENJOY the food! Emily’s support, compassion, and ability to listen, combined with expertise made a huge difference.”

Change Your Life

When you’re nourished, thriving, and boldly claiming what you need, everyone wins.

intuitive eating dietitian intuitive eating dietician
intuitive eating dietitian

Lunch & Liberation

Biweekly inspiration, juicy recipes, and stories from bold women. Join me to contemplate how our systems keep us stuck in body comparison, boring meals, and lackluster relationships with food. Pleasure, health, and freedom all belong together.

This is a business, so in addition to talking about body liberation and my favorite type of cheddar, every so often I’ll invite you to work with me.

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