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You can feel happy and at home in your body.  
Stop dieting and find real health. 

Do you need a new way to think about food and your body? 

What if you could 
Feel confident in your food choices, with your health, and in your body.

Get rid of the guilt-ridden feelings about food and take back the control.

Understand and heal the food behaviors that make you feel horrible, like binging, judging yourself, and emotionally eating.

Have space in your brain to think about things that truly matter to you - friends, family, living your life!

Feel like you've finally found a system of treating food and your body that really works.

Working with an anti-diet dietitian is a game-changer. 

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Non-Diet Nutrition Counseling

Do you realize that rigid rules and diet plans don't work for you but without them you feel lost and overwhelmed?

Have you spent way too much of your precious time worrying about your body and how it is perceived? 

Are you ready to stop obsessing about your food choices and find a peaceful way to take care of yourself? 

Systems of oppression keep so many of us locked into shame and fear about food and body. Perhaps it's time to set down dieting and body shame, and try something new. 

I help people get out from under diet culture's thumb, make peace with food and their body, and find empowerment to live their best lives.


Aren't quite sure? Let's chat about it. 

What clients are saying

"Working with Emily changed my whole mindset about food, my body, and eating for the better! I have a new and improved outlook on my relationship with food, and how I can take care of my body and mind by eating what and when feels right and good, not beating myself up about eating “unhealthy” foods or judging myself for eating too much or too little. I LOVE food and now through our work together, I get to enjoy it again!" 


"I went into this open but stressed out and turning to food to cope. Emily made me feel heard and understood. I felt like I could really be honest with where I was, when I had tough weeks or fall backs. Now I have way better ways of coping with my stress and I have an inner support system built that I didn’t have when I started this work." 



"Emily has helped me SO much in changing the way I approach and think about eating. Her non-judgmental and compassionate style has given me permission to not be so hard on myself when it comes to food and weight. Instead of only giving the "how to's," she's worked with me to see this as an inside-out approach which has made all the difference."


You will not be getting a diet Emily. You will be getting information and guidance while working through your relationship with food and diet culture. Emily creates a safe space for you to unpack your history with diets and disordered eating. The way I viewed food and dieting drastically changed. Emily gave me tools to advocate for myself in healthcare and personal environments.


If you're ready for support, accountability, and expert guidance on your food and body journey, I'd love to work with you.

Let's get you to a place where food is fun again. 

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