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Intuitive Eating 10 Week
Virtual Small Group


Do you realize that rigid rules and diet plans don't work for you but without them you feel lost and overwhelmed?

Have you spent way too much of your precious time worrying about your body and how it is perceived? 

Are you ready to stop obsessing about your food choices and find a peaceful way to take care of yourself? 

Systems of oppression keep so many of us locked into shame and fear about food and body. Perhaps it's time to set down dieting and body shame, and try something new. 

If you are thinking about starting a new diet, but can't get over this nagging feeling that you can't go on another diet, this group is for you. 


Intuitive Eating Virtual Small Group

This is an 10-week participatory group to provide an understanding of what Intuitive Eating is and how to start  implementing the strategies into your life. Each session will include a learning experience on one of the 10 principals and a group discussion to help everyone walk away with a new way to look at food and health.


Community healing. 

In this group, you'll learn: 

  • How to tune out diet culture and listen to your unique body

  • What your doctor and mother and everyone else got wrong about your weight (BMI is BS and a bunch of other stuff)

  • How to re-build a peaceful and positive relationship to food and eating

  • How to tune into your body's hunger and fullness signals

  • What emotional eating is, and what to do about it

  • How to stress less about your food choices and still choose foods that make you feel good

  • Strategies for improving body image and how to work toward body positivity

September 14 - November 16, Wednesdays at 6pm CST

The group cost is $395 if paid in full or $45 per week if you desire a payment plan. 

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What's Included

10 weekly live group sessions to help you make peace with food, stress less about your food choices, understand why intuitive eating is "healthy", and soothe anxiety about food choices and body image.  

Guided practices to do on your own in between sessions, to hold you accountable to the commitment you've made to yourself and allow the principles to seep into your daily life. 

Private facebook group to continue connecting and deepen discussion in between sessions. 

A supportive, open community to help you feel less alone with your struggles with food and body. We'll support each other to promote deeper healing and progress. 

Take back your life

Dieting keeps you stuck living a life that's not aligned with your truest values as a human being. 

Intuitive Eating is the opposite of dieting. It teaches you how to let go of rigid food rules and how to listen to your own body. You will learn to decipher between what the media is telling you and what your body already knows deep down. 

You may feel disconnected from what your body really wants to eat and ways it wants to move because through the years, you've been told you need to change your body to be healthy, happy, loved, etc. This constant dialogue erodes trust in yourself. Here, you can begin the process of trusting yourself once again, as you did when you were a toddler! 

In this group, you'll gain tools and skills for unlearning diet culture and rediscovering what health means to you. 


You can let go of dieting and body shame. You can find a new way to think about food and your body. If you're ready to join the anti-diet revolution, we welcome you with open arms. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What if I have to miss a session? 

If you need to miss a week, you will still have access to the materials and the facebook group to catch up on anything you missed. 

Q: I have an eating disorder. Can I still join this group? 

This group aims to help those who struggle with disordered eating and a chaotic relationship to food and their body. If you are in the active stages of an eating disorder, this course may not be right for you. Feel free to reach out and we can figure it out together or ask your therapist or doctor. 

Q: I have a health condition such an high cholesterol or an autoimmune disease. Is Intuitive Eating right for me? 

More and more studies show the beneficial effects of Intuitive Eating for chronic health conditions. Intuitive eaters have lower blood pressures, get more enjoyment from exercise, feel better about themselves overall, have a more diverse diet, and have more stable weight. 

Q: I have other questions!  

Feel free to reach out to me and ask any questions you have. Ask away! 

Q: Do I need to understand Intuitive Eating to join? 

No, not at all. This course is great for those who are brand new to the idea, as well as for those who already have some knowledge. You'll gain knowledge of how to work the principles into your daily life. 

Q: Will I lose weight with Intuitive Eating? 

The truth is, some people do. Others gain weight, and others stay the same. Weight loss is not the goal of Intuitive Eating. We are working to heal your relationship to food and your body, and yes, it might change in the process. 

Q: How much improvement will I get with this course?  

This course is designed to give you a solid foundation on how to use Intuitive Eating to heal your relationship to food and your body. For most people, healing from disordered eating is a journey that takes time, patience, and persistence. It is deep work that has the potential to radically change your life for the better. You deserve to feel calm and happy in your body.