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1-1 nutrition and body image counseling

Non-Diet Nutrition Therapy

Work with me one-on-one 

Learn to nourish yourself well and unconditionally. We’ll work toward peace with food, calm with your body image, and confidence in your food skills and habits.

We’ll work to strengthen your ability to hear what your body is telling you and make intentional food choices, without guilt and doubt. You’ll learn to honor your hunger and fullness signals, prioritize pleasure, and stop all the worry about messing up. I use the Intuitive Eating framework as a base for most clients, but everyone is unique and so will be our work.

I offer guidance, nutrition support, and coaching to help you find a balance between calm and nourished, so eventually food can take up a lot less of your mental space. 

A 6-month committment is recommended for best results. 

eating disorder dietitian
eating disorder dietitian austin emily in kitchen with computer

Sometimes we need a little hand-holding.

1-1 nutrition counseling is best for:

Eating Disorder Nutrition Therapy

I specialize in binge eating, but am versed in all eating disorder care. When appropriate, I collaborate with care teams, provide meal plans, use intuitive eating, and other forms of nutrition therapy.

Women's Health Nutrition

If you have body image distress or a disordered eating history and you need nutrition support with your reproductive system, I can be a guide. PCOS, endometriosis, PMDD, fertility, and the perinatal period can all be treated with a gentle, non-diet approach. Meal plans and supplement protocols included if needed.

Diet Recovery and Body Image Healing

We live in a wildly body-negative culture. When you decide that another diet, weight loss attempt, or juice cleanse isn’t what you need, but that feels terrifying, anti-diet nutrition counseling can work wonders.

eating disorder dietitian

This is weight neutral care. What does that mean?

I use an weight neutral, Health At Every Size (HAES) approach for all clients, regardless of their body size. This means that I understand why weight loss attempts usually fail and why this is not your fault, even though you may have been blaming yourself. 

I can help you embody these principles and understand them more fully while making changes that feel good in your body.

Nutrition interventions can be impactful for our health, but the “just lose weight” we often get from doctors and the media is counter-productive and harmful. I do not promote or promise weight loss, and can help you unpack why you feel so tethered to it.

But most importantly, I’m provide you a space to improve your health without focusing on the size of your body. We’ll look at the whole picture and find dietary changes (maybe supplements too) that are impactful without restriction.

Not all eating disorder dietitians use a HAES approach, but it is a proven, liberatory framework, and I believe the best way to find true peace with yourself while nourshing your body. 

The Method

Heal & Nourish

a 6 month individual coaching package

This combination of  expert guidance, support, and food & movement practices were designed to give you a proven system to heal your relationship with food and make the changes your body needs for over-all wellbeing.

Biweekly 1-1 sessions with Emily

We meet every other week to learn and process. These sessions allow you to explore individual experiences you’re having with food and body image, learn approaches tailored to your needs, and have a space space to process, brainstorm, and heal.

Unlimited Support & Feedback

Unlimited text and email support from me in between sessions. Ask your questions on the go and get text and audio answers from me. This will be SO helpful for you, will keep you connected, and keep you inspired.

Workbook, Assignments & Meditations

You will get workbook assignments and journal prompts, tailored to your needs to work on in between sessions. Unlearning long-held thought patterns takes practice, and these assignments were designed to walk you through every step.

Intuitive Eating Journal & Review

You will get access to Healthie, which includes a food and intuitive eating journal. We’ll individualize the features to what your bodymind most need. I review and give feedback weekly. We will go over this in detail during the first session.

Heal & Nourish




$ 2495

6 month payment plan


$ 415

Extended payments plans are available upon request and are no trouble. Just email Emily at and inquire.

How things go…

We chat and decide what you need

We can chat over email, text, or on a 15 minute free discovery call. If you decide to do 1-1 work, we’ll start with an 80 minute virtual assessment.

You fill out a few intake forms

After you pick a time for our intial appointment, I’ll send you some intake forms specific for your situation. If I need lab work, I’ll have you upload it to my online platform, Healthie.

We meet for our initial assessment

We’ll talk about your past with food and your body, your life now, your goals, and why you’re stuck. During this session, we’ll also discuss what our time together might look like, financially and otherwise. Sessions are done virtually on Healthie, a HIPAA-compliant telehealth software. 

Biweekly (ish) follow ups

Follow-up appointments are scheduled every week or every other week for as long as you need them. I see a lot of amazing, life-changing progress when clients commit to 6 -12 months of work.

In-between appointments

If you’re doing the 6-month package, you’ll also get access to texting and food and symptom journaling, workbooks, and weekly feedback from me. Recommendations will be tailored to your needs.

Book a discovery call to get started.


You deserve to have a happy, nourishing relationship with food.

You deserve to feel confident in what your body needs.

And you don’t need food rules to get there.



Compassionate, Relational Care

You do not need to be educated on the food pyramid, I’m pretty sure of that. I commit to providing trauma-informed and culturally-sensitive food and nutrition counseling in a way that centers your lived experience – your body, your rules.


Nutrition and Mind-Body Education

I use intuitive eating as a loose framework for working with my clients, so that it can be integrated into your life with flexibility and care. This is not a strict set of rules, but a framework for attuned and joyful eating.


A Guide To Walk Beside You

My role is to help you understand your relationship with eating better, and then to nudge you positive change. Being trauma-informed means I will do my best to create a safe place for you to talk about how you feel about food and your body. I will use nutrition therapy and other lifestyle approaches to address your health issues, but this will not come with shame, unhelpful weight-loss advice, or ignoring your uniqueness. If you are neurodivergent or chronically ill, I recognize you need a tailored appraoch.



Counting, Tracking, or Weighing

I do my best to do no harm, and I know that these systems promote disordered eating and body dissatisfaction. It’s possible that at some point, we’ll decide together that food or symptom journaling would help you discover a healing path. If I think this is a good idea, I’ll suggest it and have tools for you to do so safely.


The Finger-Wagging Food Police

I am not here to judge you or your choices. I have a firm belief that we are all doing our best with the resources we have. This belief allows me to help you consider what you want to change, and how you are already enough as you are.


Weight Loss Advice

I do not promise or promote weight loss. This doesn’t mean that you can’t desire it, just that THIS is what we can work through. How you want to feel about your body, not how you “need” to change it.

"My relationship to food has completely transformed."


– Roslyn Dubberstein –

Pricing For Ala Carte Individual Nutrition Therapy

Initial 80 minute assessment



50 minute follow up



Meal planning




Initial 80 minute assessment


50 minute follow up



Meal planning



with a 3 month committment

To get started, you can book a discovery call or go ahead and book the initial appointment. At that appointment, we’ll discuss the plan going forward.

Want to use insurance?

I am in-network with BCBS.

Insurance can cover 1-1 sessions if you live in Texas or Louisiana.



You verify your benefits


I'll send you a private link


I will submit claims to BCBS for you


Texting, food journal review, & workbook package for clients using insurance


questions before committing?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer telehealth or virtual appointments?

Yes! All sessions are done virtually via my safe, easy-to-use, HIPAA-compliant telehealth system, Healthie. Group sessions are done on Zoom.

Do you help people lose weight?

I do not promote, promise, or recommend intentional weight loss as a primary goal. If losing weight is your only goal, I am probably not the right practitioner for you. However, if you’re unhappy with your body, but what you really want is to feel better about this and nourish yourself better, we should talk. Weight and feelings about weight are complex and intertwined with oppression. There is so proven, safe, effective method for long term weight loss and so, I don’t recommend having that as your main goal. 

How I schedule an appointment?

If you want to set up an individual initial session, click here to book. If you want to set up a free discovery call to figure out which of my services would be best for you, click here.

What is an eating disorder dietitian?

Eating disorders and disordered eating are complex mental and physical conditions. In my work in helping folks navigate the complicated world of eating disorders, I do my best to create a safe place where we can understand the root of your ‘food issues’ so you can nourish yourself well. We talk about food, body image, thoughts, feelings, motivations, all sorts of stuff. I feel supported and safe talking about a variety of topics with clients. 

When do I pay for your services?

Individual sessions are either paid for at the time of service or if you are doing a package, you’ll have an automatic monthly payment. The 6 month counseling package can be paid up front or monthly. If using BCBS, please see the section on insurance payment.

What payment methods do you accept ?

Credit, debit, FSA, and HSA cards are accepted.

How do I cancel or reschedule an appointment ?

Reach out to me via Healthie or email as soon as you realize you need to reschedule. I have a 24-hour no-show policy, meaning if you cancel within 24 hours, or do not show up to your appointment, I will charge you the full cost of the appointment. This is true for those using insurance as well.

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This is a business, so in addition to talking about body liberation and my favorite type of cheddar, every so often I’ll invite you to work with me.

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