Nourish And Attune

An 8-week online course to help you become an intuitive eater

You can have a happy, healthy relationship with food.

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Learn how to listen to your body and make choices that honor your health – and your taste buds

In this course, you’ll be learning from Emily in a step-by-step method. Everything I’ve learned through working with people in group and 1-1, I put into this course so you can improve your relationship with food in your time, on your terms. 


“In matters of taste, consider nutrition, and in matters of nutrition, consider taste.” 

You deserve to have a happy, nourishing relationship with food.

You deserve to feel confident in what your body needs. 

It’s time for a women-centered, embodied approach.

"My relationship to food has completely transformed"


– Roslyn Dubberstein –

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