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Mindful Eating Employee Wellness Programs

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Hello, I'm Emily. 

I believe that having a healthy, flexible, nourishing relationship to food and our bodies is something we all deserve and benefit from. The opportunity to teach the principles of Intuitive Eating and mindful eating to small businesses allows this important message to be spread wider and allows more people to find healthy, joyful eating and movement. 

And, of course, your business benefits from having healthy, happy employees. 

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Our wellness programs are different than the same old "weight loss challenges" that don't work and leave employees feeling like all that matters is the prize at the end. These do nothing to create lasting behavior and mindset change and have been shown to actually cause harm.


Our programs are different. They work to empower employees to use their wise self and make attuned health decisions based in self-care. The following three services can be customized based on your needs, from a one-time group presentation to an ongoing, weekly program for up to fifty employees. 


Virtual Group Presentations

Engaging, practical, and compassionate nutrition and Intuitive Eating education for small to medium sized groups. These presentations will allow your group to take better care of themselves in a variety of ways. 


Customized Nutrition Wellness Programs

Expertly designed and implemented wellness programs for small businesses can include presentations, goal setting and tracking, and site visits. 


Individual Nutrition Sessions For Employees

If you really want to provide your employees with something unique, you can offer 1 on 1 sessions with me.

Wellness Program Options

Exercise Group
Walk in Nature

Intuitive Eating Basics For Business

Presentations on healthy eating from an Intuitive Eating lens provide employees with knowledge and tools to make healthy eating and movement fit in their lives. We're learning how to take real care of ourselves - self-care not self-control. 

This package includes a one-time hour long lunch and learn including a 15 minute Q & A. The presentation will be tailored for your employees and your needs. 


3 Month Wellness Program

This program includes:

One lunch and learn presentation each month on healthy eating, Intuitive Eating, and attuned movement


Activities in between sessions to keep employees engaged in making lifestyle changes they are intersted in


Optional monthly individual support from me with mini check ins  

What worksite wellness clients are saying...

"The best thing I got from working with Emily is definitely all of the knowledge she taught me about keeping my gut healthy, mindfulness, and what foods may be triggering my skin problem. I've learned SO much, and now I can continue to use this knowledge to better my health."


Brittany, New Orleans

"Emily is great for our people!  They love not only the recipes she provides but also her general outlook on nutrition.  She makes staying on track with healthy eating both simple and manageable.  There are so many benefits Emily provides us, but the most important to me is this:  she empowers our employees to live a healthy lifestyle!"


Avery, wellness coordinator at Revelry Labs

Curious about setting up a presentation or program for your company? Say hello and we'll find a time to chat. 

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