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I am pouring a lot into this newsletter and am truely so grateful that you want to read it. I share a lot of my thoughts and feelings, personal essays, and tidbits from my life in this newsletter. You can read past letters here. 

I also do my best to highlight people that I think are doing amazing work. People that I’m learning from, which include a lot of BIPOC, queer, and women folks who continue to inspire me and all of us to be free and fight for equality for all bodies.

I’d love to know you too! Please know I’m on the end of every one of these letters. If you have anything you want to share, scream, ask, or complain about – I’m all ears.

And if you find yourself desiring more of the peace and pleasure I’m always talking about, I’d love to work with you. You can check out my services here. My two main offerings are Heal & Nourish, an indvidual nutrition therapy program, and The Love Food Again Program, community healing.

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