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If you imagine a happier and healthier version of yourself, but can’t figure out how to get there without rules and restriction, try out these resources for some free guidance.

Downloadable Resources


Intuitive Eating Mini-Course

This 5 day audio course will be delivered to your inbox over 2 weeks so you have time to marinate on each lesson before we move onto the next. You’ll also immediately get a downloadable workbook to go along with it. Intuitive Eating is a practice that takes time, but this guide can get you started and set up for success.

Non-Diet PCOS Nutrition Guide

A PCOS diagnosis doesn’t need to mean cutting out carbs and a never-ending struggle with your body. This guide will show you what to focus on and what to leave behind.

Reading & Resource Guide

A comprehensive list of books, podcasts, social media accounts, substacks, and more to support you on your food freedom, body liberation, and well-being journey with details about my favorites.

Lunch & Liberation

This isn’t your average newsletter. I cram a lot of my heart and soul into writing these letters to my subscibers. If you want to hear snippets about real life ways to use intuitive eating, how to lovingly tell your partner to stop telling you what to eat, or to hear my on-the-go thoughts about how I’m navigating this body-obsessed world, join me. You’ll get one email a week. 

Below are books, podcasts, and websites I recommend.

My Favorite

blog posts from my website

How To Enjoy Cooking: Don’t Make It A Chore | Diet culture stole cooking. A guide on how to take it back.

Comfort Food and Diet Culture | How to find comfort in food without it being “too much”.

Guilt After Eating | How to tell if it’s disordered and how to stop it.

Books on

Intuitive eating and disordered eating recovery

How to Raise An Intuitive Eater | Sumner Brooks, MPH, RDN & Amee Seversen, MPP-D, RDN

Sick Enough | Jennifer Gaudiani, MD

Hunger | Roxanne Gay

Eat What You Love with Diabetes | Michelle May, MD & Megrette Fletcher, ME-d, RD, CDE

Unapologetic Eating | Alissa Rumsey, MS, RD

Books on

body image, anti-fat bias, and body liberation

Reclaiming Body Trust | Hilary Kinavey MS, LPC & Dana Sturtevant MS, RD

The Body Is Not An Apology | Sonya Renee Taylor

The Wisdom Of Your Body| Hillary McBride, PhD

Body Kindness | Rebecca Scritchfield, RDN

Fat Talk | Virginia Sole-Smith

Dietland | Sarai Walker (A favorite – a novel!)

Radical Belonging | Lindo Bacon, PhD

Landwhale | Jes Baker

Shrill | Lindy West

Resources for

exercise and embodied movement

Every Body Yoga | Jessamyn Stanley

Resources on

feminism, racism, and intersecting oppression in healthcare

Fearing The Black Body | Sabrina Strings, PhD

It’s Always Been Ours | Jessica Wilson, MS, RD

Pleasure Activism | Adrienne Maree Brown

On Our Best Behavior | Elise Loehnen

The Beauty Myth | Naomi Wolf

Come As You Are | Emily Nagoski, PhD

Podcast Recommendations

on food, bodies, health, and liberation of all kinds

Food Psych | Christy Harrison

Maintenance Phase | Aubrey Gordon & Micheal Hobbes

UnFuck Your Brain | Kara Loewentheil

The Body Grievers Club | Brianna Campos

Going Beyond The Food |Stephanie Dodier

Food Heaven | Wendy Lopez RDN, CDE & Jessica Jones RDN, CDE

Sex Gets Real |Dawn Serra

Eat the Rules | Summer Innanen

Breaking Down Patriarchy | Amie McPhie Allebest

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