Eat With Joy

Trust Yourself With Food

Helping you make calm, conscious, health-affirming choices with food and stop feeling like your appetite – and body – are the enemy.

Stop the dieting cycle once and for all.


End the fight with yourself and live the life you want.

The next cohort starts September 4, 2024!

Emily Van Eck, sitting in a chair. She hosts an intuitive eating support group

The Love Food Again Program

A one-of-a-kind program to transform your relationship with food, mindset, and body image. 

You’ll Learn To

Nourish yourself confidently and calmly without self-doubt and judgment.

Know your body is worthy and good, even if our highly-critical, fatphobic culture has taught you to distrust it.

Radically reconnect with yourself and your body. Let go of the oppressive struggle to do it all perfectly.

Stop feeling like you are the problem, that your food issues can't be fixed.

Your body is not the enemy.

pcos nutritionist black woman meditating
young, black, medium-size woman with a peace in her mouth

Your willpower is not the problem.

Food Moralizing

The idea you should be always eating  “clean” can leave you full of shame, guilt, and confused when it comes to choosing what to eat.

Healing your relationship with food allows you to make smart choices that support your health without all the deprivation and rebounding. 

Diet Culture

We all get the message that constantly trying to be smaller is the only optinon and that we’ll be happy once we reach this imaginary weight. But in reality, this makes us miserable, keeps us fighting with food,  and locks us into body comparison.

Unpacking how this affects you incredibly revealing and freeing. And allows you to make choices you feel GOOD about. 

Gender Bias & Internalization

There are countless ways in which gender bias keeps women from trusting the messages their bodies give them. If you’ve been told to lose weight instead of treated for a health condition, or simply led to believe your body is the most important thing about you, come on over. The water’s warm. 

Let’s stop this rollercoaster once and for all.

young, black, medium-size woman with a peace in her mouth

This is for you if you want to:

Stop Obsessing About Food

Food rules and diet culture cause confusion, overwhelm, and indecision. We’ll learn a new a system so you can make smart choices without overthinking. 

Gain Confidence And Trust In Yourself

Dysfunctional eating habits and self-doubt around can leave you trusting the wrong advice. You’ll get honest with yourself about your perfectionist habits and explore what your body and mind need.  

Listen To Your Body

Chances are good that if you’ve been dieting your whole life, you aren’t quite sure what and how much food your body actually wants. You’ll pause, tune in, and notice what your body is telling you with less judgment and more kindness. 

Figure Out What to Actually Eat!

No more uncertainty. You’ll learn skills to respond to your body’s cues, as well as tools to cook, shop, and prepare foods that are good for you, your life, your family, and your body. You’ll not only learn real nutrition information, but which bits and pieces are important for you. 

When you join the Love Food Again program, you learn all the tools you need to change your life. This program is right for those ready to LIBERATE themselves and heal from body and food negativity – who want to love food again.

Join now and get…

The resources inside are designed to walk you through my step-by-step approach to improve your over-all wellbeing – food, body, power.

12 Live Coaching Sessions

You’ll meet with me every other week! Ask questions, process your experience with us, and get immediate feedback from me and support from your peers. Hearing other members questions will help you relate, reflect, and process.

Biweekly Video Lessons Made By Me!

A new module is released every other week with several mini-lessons to keep you paced and on-track. The space between modules will give you time to process and use the practices in your life.

Workbook, Food Journaling & Meditations

This program workbook (designed by me!) will keep you on track, taking action, accountable, and engaged. Meditations, guided audio, and activities will build new thought patterns and help the behaviors stick.

Unlimited Support & Feedback

Group and individual text support. Ask your questions on the go and get audio answers from me. This will be SO helpful for you, will keep you connected, and keep you inspired.

Lifetime Access To Group Membership Space

Support from the other women in your cohort can fast-track your progress. With so much diet culture noise out there, you need a safe place to land. 

2 Year Access To Materials

The 150+ page workbook is yours forever.  Video and audio recordings of the classes will be available for you to go back and listen to again and again for 2 years. The more you hear it, the more you believe it.

Let’s do this!

There are three FABULOUS versions of this program.



$ 2700



$ 450



$ 1500



$ 250



$ 500



$ 250


Includes 6 individual sessions with Emily.

We belong in community.

Hearing and being heard by other women is wildy validating. Especially around the issues we don’t talk about, but think about a lot.

diverse women hugging and supporting each other

Your Body Image Woes Are Not Yours To Bear Alone.

Food and body issues are way too often experienced in silence, intensifying the shame and loneliness. Leaning on the support of community will change you. 

Diet Culture Is Collective Oppression.

The culture of comparison will keep you stuck. We were all born into this system, so no matter what your body looks like, we all suffer. 

Shame Dissipates In Community.

Putting voice to the ways in which you’ve been taught your body is not good enough, and the ways in which food choices rule your life will lighten your load and allow you to see a different perspective. 

I can stop when I'm satisfied.

I always strive to eat healthy food, but I used to obsess about it, plus I was binging or overeating all the time. The Love Food Again Program taught me how to enjoy food without all that worry and guilt. I eat what I need. I don’t have to hoard it or gobble it up. I stop when I’m satisfied. It feels so normal.


I wish everyone in my life could do this.

“I knew ‘just lose weight’ wasn’t the answer I was searching for. Unpacking the beliefs I’ve held about food has been great. I was ready for healing when it came to food. To put it best, working with Emily has transformed my relationship with food. Now I’m energizing and fueling my body in a way that supports my lifestyle and health. Food has definitely become a hobby and a way to decompress – and I never thought I’d say that about something I used to have such a shattered relationship with!”

Sydney Scott

I don’t have a problem rejecting diet culture for once in my life.

So much has changed. This program allowed me to reconnect with my hunger and fullness signals. I finally bought new clothes, I’m nourishing myself better and am no longer binging on a regular basis.



This changed my whole mindset about food, my body, and eating for the better!

I have a new and improved outlook on my relationship with food, and how I can take care of my body and mind by eating what and when feels right and good. I LOVE food and now through our work together, I get to enjoy it again!”

Stephanie K.

I wish I could bottle what you do.

I have so much more space to think about things I actually want to be thinking about. No more obsessing about messing up. This program is more that a nutrition program. Having this community and ongoing discussion for 6 months was so great.

What You’ll Experience:

pcos nutritionist woman journaling

Phase 01.

Rewire Your Thinking About Food & Your Body

Improving your relationship with food involves a lot of unlearning. Diet culture and wellness culture are full of untrue, unhelpful, and biased information that gets baked into your psyche through the years. You will see these clearly so you can build new thought patterns and behaviors that align with your true well-being. We’ll disrupt the narrative in your head that your body is a problem and that perfection and fixing are required. Then, you can reclaim your inner wisdom.

Phase 02.

Learn To Eat Intuitively

Integrate the Intuitive Eating framework into your relationship with food. Learn to notice and respond to your body’s cues for hunger, fullness, and satisfaction. Learn practical skills for nourishing yourself without rigidity. Uncover the reasons you eat past fullness, binge eat, or eat when you’re bored or stressed. With a proven system to walk you through this, your eating habits will calm down and feel more balanced and normal. 

pcos nutritionist woman with grain bowl
pcos nutritionist woman in mirror

Phase 03.

Body Image Shifting

Body image work is woven throughout the whole program. This is essential to your progress with food and self-trust. Uncover the hidden thoughts and feelings you have about your body so you can start to heal and move toward positive body image.

Resolve the conflict about how hard it is to lose weight – but how badly you desire it, and perhaps the cognitive dissonance this has created alongside your desire to be a free, liberated woman. This is complex. Whatever you’re experiencing, we can handle it.

Phase 04.

Good Nutrition & Meal Planning

Once you’ve done some serious overhauling of the way you think about and interact with food and your appetite, we’ll take a look at your nutrition. You’ll learn how to make nutrition and health goals that don’t send you back into a dieting spiral and learn helpful ways of planning and preparing food.

You’ll also learn the truth about how to feed yourself for your specific condition – blood sugar, inflammation, PCOS, it’s all welcome here. 

woman with light-brown skin carries groceries across a city street

The Twelve Core Lessons

Here’s a walk through of each of the 12 modules. Each module includes a 30-45 minute video lesson and corresponding activities to integrate the mindset and behavior shifts into your life.


No More Dieting!

We are going beyond ‘no more diets’ to uncover why limits on what and how much you’re allowed to eat keeps you stuck distrusting your body. You’ll learn what you want and feel good eating.


Mind-Body Intuition

Explore the ways you’ve been taught to silence your inner knowing so you can start hearing them again. You will be guided to listen for what your inner wisdom is telling you – the foundation of intuitive eating.


Honoring Hunger

We start the intuitive eating phase with tapping into the many ways our body tells us it needs nourishment. You’ll find space to feel what you’re unique body is telling you so you can feel more neutral about hunger.


Food As Coping

Emotional eating is a complex phenomenon. You’ll take a look at how dieting and body image affect your desire to eat, and learn strategies to self-sooth, build compassion, and heal.


Peace With Food

Eating what you want is definitely confusing if you have a hard time trusting your body. We will explore flavor, texture, and mindfulness in order for you to experience true satisfaction.

This will let you feel so much more confident letting go of food rules and rigidity and start trusting your body again.


Food Knowledge, Not Rules

You will be challenging your inner critic. We learn throughout our lives that being judgemental and harsh to oursevles is what helps us make positive change. We’ll turn that on it’s head.


Finding Fullness

Finding peace and ability to stop eating when your body has had enough physically can feel really hard if you’ve been dieting your whole life. We’ll practice saying ‘enough’. Bonus! In this module I also explain how to talk to kids about food to help them trust their bodies and feel “chill” around sugar. 


Exploring Body Image

We explore what our body image is made up of, building awareness and compassion.


Gentle Nutrition

Learn how to make changes to your diet (if you want to) that align with the new system of self-care you’ve been learning. Gentle nutrition can be used with PCOS, blood sugar imbalances, optimizing nutrition for fertility, and much more.


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snack Planning

Here, we’ll be learning basic meal planning, shopping, and cooking strategies that align with intutiive eating. No rigidity here.


Joyful Movement

Punishment is not enjoyable. We’ll learn how to build a happy, flexible, sustainable relationship with moving your body in ways unique to you.


Embodiment & Resilience

We explore what our body image is made up of, building awareness and compassion.

What makes this different?




More energy throughout the day


Find weight stabilization – no more up and down


Eat amounts and types of food that feel balanced and calm


Find enjoyable movement that is easy to stick to


Blood sugar and hormone improvements



Time to think about things that really matter to you


Focus and clarity – consistent and balanced eating does this for you!


Improved body and food-triggered anxiety and depression symptoms


Relief that you’re letting go of unrealistic standards for how you should be and look



Accept your emotions and learn to process them without turning to food


Increased willingness to spend time doing things you love


Capacity for self-compassion


Body image resilience


Discover coping mechanisms rooted in self-care

Human beings need food and movement to survive. Diet culture steals food and movement, deeply pathologizes them, commodifies them, then sells them back to us.”

Virgie Tovar


How To Get Started

intuitive eating support group & coaching program



Spend years (or decades!) stuck in the diet cycle. Get fed up. Look for a new way. Find The Love Food Again Program!



Book A Discovery Call Or Read More Testimonials To Get Hyped.



Join us! Enrollment is open now and you’ll get immediate access to orientation and the first lesson. You can start right away. The next group coaching call is right around the corner, on the 2nd or 4th Thursday at 11am CST.

We meet twice a month for coaching and support with Emily on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday at 5pm ET / 4pm CT. We break for holidays. You can find all the dates here. 

Do you obsess about everything you eat?

Worry about people judging you?

Afraid that if you stop watching what you eat, you’ll keep gaining weight forever?

None of this is your default.

Women are taught the way their body adheres to the thin ideal is most important thing about them. This wreaks havoc on the way we relate to that body and to the experience of being a woman.

This can also create dysfunctional eating habits, binge eating, stress and anxiety, and a host of other problems.

I know that if you can learn to trust and listen to your body, it can be an incredible guide.

This 6-month program guides and supports you through healing your relationship with food so you can eat with confidence, find peace, and discover ways to care for your body – as it is.

Program Guarantee and My Promise

I absolutely guarantee that fully engaging through this program and committing to doing the work and showing up for yourself will change your life. You will drastically shift how you relate to food and your body. I cannot promise results – but that’s not what this program is about. This program is about unlearning the culture of “results” and “perfection”. You will learn to see progress differently and be so glad that you did.

I do not assume that you can drop everything and put 100% of your attention here. That would be replicating diet culture’s oppression.

We’re going to build strategies that fit into your life, no matter how full it is. I understand women often have caregiving responsibilities, that although may not always feel sustainable, are often not optional.

It’s super important to me that we don’t recreate the harmful treadmill that you’ve been on.

picture of emily looking at camera, who is a haes nutritionist in austin

It may not look like we’ve been told it’s supposed to,

but when have things ever?

About Your Guide

Emily Van Eck, MS, RD

Registered Dietitian
Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

I have been guiding people in all types of bodies toward peace, pleasure, and health for over 10 years. My experience as a non-diet dietitian nutritionist has informed the creation of this transformative program.

I help people connect with their body’s wisdom. This is the fuel you need to heal your relationship to food and find trust that you are taking excellent care of yourself.

I decided to become a dietitian because I knew that deeply satisfying food was nourishing, but it seemed that the dominant cultural narrative about “healthy” food and “healthy” bodies was making this extremely difficult and doing harm.

I struggled with my relationship with food a lot as a youngster and feel I have a unique perspective to help others break free from that oppression.

I earned a masters degree in nutrition science, became a registered dietitian, and a certified intuitive eating counselor.

And now I myth-bust fad diets, advocate for body equality, and help people connect to their inner wisdom and sense of “enough”.

I’m so glad you’re here. I can’t wait to see you find the peace and pleasure you deserve.

Learn more about me here.

Emily Van Eck, Dietitian
Emily Van Eck, Dietitian

More Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need to miss a group call?

If you need to miss a group coaching call, you can pre-submit questions and have them answered for you to watch on the recording later that day. You will still have access to the materials and the community to catch up on anything you missed.

How much time do I need per week?

1 hour per 2-week period in-session with the group, plus 1-2 hours per week of active time watching the module videos and working on your homework is recommended. We are slowly working to make many tiny moments of your day transition from the old way of thinking – to the new. So you could think of it like that – 5 minutes per hour every hour while you’re awake (and hopefully while you’re dreaming too). That said, you have access to the videos for a year and the workbook forever, so you can go back and do it all again if you want. 

How do the group coaching calls work?

These calls are a combination of Q&A style and facilitated discussion. Since people are at different stages of the content, it’s a great space to learn on lots of topics. Newbies can get inspired from people later on in their process and later learners can inspire new folks. This is a great space for inspiration, processing, and support.

How do I access the materials and calls?

The live coaching calls are done on Zoom. The lessons, activities, and meditations are released for each module into an easy-to-use online platform. The community group and voxer are there for support whenever you need it. 

Does it matter where I live?

Nope, that’s the beauty. You can join from anywhere in the world (including from vacation!). The live sessions are recorded, so if the time doesn’t work for you – you can catch us on the recording later. If you live on the other side of the world, you can submit your questions to be answered live during the group coaching calls.

Will I lose weight with this program?

The truth is, some people may. Others won’t. You can reach your set-point weight by healing your relationship to food and quitting the dieting cycle. Weight loss is not the goal of the Love Food Again program. We are working to heal your relationship to food and your body, and yes, it might change in the process. 

I have a health condition like PCOS or diabetes. Is this a good program for me?

​Yes absolutely. More and more studies show the benefits of Intuitive Eating for hormonal health conditions – especially for those who also have disordered eating. Intuitive eaters have lower blood pressures, get more enjoyment from exercise, feel better about themselves overall, have a more diverse diet, and have more stable weight. Book a free discovery call with me if you’d like to ask about your specific condition.

I have an eating disorder. Can I join?

This group aims to help those who struggle with disordered eating and a chaotic relationship to food and their body. If you are in the active stages of an eating disorder, this program may not be right for you and individual sessions may be better. Feel free to reach out or schedule a discovery call and we can figure it out together. You could also ask your therapist or doctor. 

How much improvement will I get with this program?

This program is designed to provide you everything you need to transform your relationship with food and your body. We will spend a significant amount of time on mindset, intuitive eating, and body image to help you change your relationship to food from all angles. For most people, healing from disordered eating is a journey that takes time, patience, and persistence. But I chose 5 months specifically because that is what I’ve seen work for people for years. This is deep work that has the potential to radically change your life for the better.

I have another question.

Please, reach out to me! You can email me at or get in touch on instagram at @emily.nutrition

join us

Are you sick of stressing about food, overeating, and hating your body? Let me lead the way. 



and your life.

Questions? Contact me here.

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