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Eating Well Is About

More Than Just Food

Do you imagine a version of yourself well-nourished, calm, and confident with food?

What I Specialize In

Disordered Eating & Eating Disorders

Unfortunately, disordered eating incredibly common. But it doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to the culture. We’ll work on getting you adequately nourished, stabilizing your eating habits, and calming your anxiety about food, eating, and your body so you can work toward trusting yourself with food. This is deep, highly rewarding work.

Non-Diet Approach to Women's Health

Many women recceive unhelpful and ineffective ‘solutions’ for issues about fertility, periods, and perinatal health. If you have a disordered eating history, this can be especially murky. We’ll build strong, nurturing mindbody habits, while working to heal – or maintain – your relationship with food and your body. Supplement protocols and meal planning are also used when appropriate.

Body Image Healing

It is not easy to improve your relationship with food if you’re not also working on body image. When worked on together, you can find true peace and empowered self-care. We’ll dig deep to uncover what deep beliefs you have about why your body should look a certain way and find soothing, life-affirming ways of moving toward positive body image. Again, deep work.

Ways to work together

different people, different programs

1:1 Nutrition Counseling

Individual nutrition counseling is best if you want a tailored approach to walk you through healing your unique relationship with food while getting individualized help with nutrition. If you need help nourishing yourself through eating disorder recovery, and/or if you are dealing with a chronic health condition like endometriosis, PCOS, or infertility and you want a tailored approach through a non-diet lens, or if you just want 1-1 support from a HAES dietitian. 

At your initial appointment, we’ll dig deep into what you’re struggling with, your history with food, health, your weight, and your relationship with food and your body. I’ll give you my suggestions and forecast about what I think we’ll want to work on. We’ll take this, along with what works for you, and come up with a plan together. 

A 6-month committment is generally recommended for best results. The Heal & Nourish program is excellent for those ready to dive in. 

This is right for you if:

You Have Disordered Eating And Long To Feel Normal

Often, those in eating disorder recovery benefit from frequent, consistent support from a dietitian. I will care for you with trauma-informed, non-diet, weight-neutral practices.

You Have A Health Condition and Want Individualized, Trauma-Informed, Non-Diet Support

If you have physical and mental health conditions, individualized care can allow us to fine-tune the process to your uniqueness.

You Don't Know What You Need!

It’s always okay to start with individual sessions to get started. If you’ve never worked with a HAES dietitian before, this could be a great way to discover if my method feels supportive. If moving into my group program makes sense, we can do that when the time is right.

The Love Food Again Program


A 6-month immersive small group experience that guides, challenges, and supports you through healing your relationship with food so you can eat with confidence, find peace, and discover ways to care for your body – as it is.

You will meet with Emily and the small group twice a month to process, get support, and get answers to your questions. On your own time, you’ll go through 12 learning modules to teach you what you need to know to dig deep and uncover how to take excellent care of yourself, without diet rules. This is both a liberatory and a grounding experience.

This program is for you if:

You Don't Like Your Eating Habits, But Another Diet... Just Ain't It

You don’t need more rules. You need a system that shows you how to listen to YOUR body. 

You Want To Feel Better About Your Body

Years of diet after diet, and losing and gaining the same 30 pounds can leave you lost, frustrated, and unsure how to eat. We’ll relearn this together.

You're Ready To Dig Deep And Heal Your Relationship With Food

Diet culture steals your sense of feeling embodied and content in your body. Body image work is woven throughout this whole program.

Complimentary Resources

If you aren’t ready to take the leap into guided care, you can still get lots of benefits from these free resources. Since all of these resources were designed using my framework, you can learn a lot about how to use a haes approach to relate to food, body image, and health.

Use these guides for support and inspiration:


This detailed guide will walk you through how to get started with intuitive eating and give you some actionable strategies for living that liberated non-diet life.


A biweekly letter to keep you fed and inspired. I share recipes, tips, and stories of badass women living free, embodied, pleasurable lives while bucking norms and rebelling against diet culture and feminine oppression. Come on over.


If you’re not quite sure what you need, you’re welcome to book a discovery call with me. 



Compassionate, relational, you-centered care

You do not need to be educated on the food pyramid, I’m pretty sure of that. I commit to providing culturally-sensitive food and nutrition counseling in a way that centers your lived experience of being in your body.


An expert guide on your body-trust path

I use intuitive eating as a loose framework for working with my clients and am committed to my role as a HAES dietitian. My approach can be integrated into your life with flexibility and care. This is not a strict set of rules, but a framework for healing that works for many, but not all, folks.


An untraditional take on nutrition counseling

Because I am strongly anti-oppressive in my approach, I am not likely to tell you exactly what you “should” be eating. My main focus is helping my clients unpack and understand why the relate to food they way they do, and to relearn how to eat in ways that are nourishing and life-giving. This is not traditional nutrition advice. If you want that, just google it.



Counting, tracking, or any metrics

I do my best to do no harm, and I know that these systems promote disordered eating and body dissatisfaction. It’s possible that at some point, we’ll decide together that food or symptom journaling would help you discover a healing path. If I think this is a good idea, I’ll suggest it and have tools for you to do so safely.


The finger-wagging food police

I am not here to judge you or your choices. I have a firm belief that we are all doing our best with the resources we have. This belief allows me to help you consider what you want to change, and how you are already enough as you are.


Weight loss advice

I do not promise or promote weight loss. This doesn’t mean that you can’t desire it, just that THIS is what we will do together. You’ll discover how you can take care of your body, not how you “need” to change it.

true stories



“Emily has helped me SO much in changing the way I approach and think about eating. Her non-judgmental and compassionate style has given me permission to not be so hard on myself when it comes to food and weight. Instead of only giving the “how to’s,” she’s worked with me to see this as an inside-out approach which has made all the difference.”


“My relationship with food has completely transformed. I used to constantly feel I had to make “better” choices. Now, I check in with myself and am more attuned to my needs. I am still learning about my body’s cues every day, but by giving myself the freedom to explore food without restriction, I no longer feel an urgency to eat certain foods and then “start over” the next day. It’s been really cool to allow myself to ENJOY the food! Emily’s support, compassion, and ability to listen, combined with expertise made a huge difference.”


“I went into this open but stressed out and turning to food to cope. Emily made me feel heard and understood. Now I have way better ways of coping with my stress and I have an inner support system built that I didn’t have when I started this work.”

It all starts with a conversation. 

haes dietitian ice cream cones

Lunch & Liberation

Join me to contemplate how our systems keep us stuck in body comparison, boring meals, and lackluster relationships with food. Biweekly inspiration, juicy recipes, and stories from bold women. Pleasure, health, and freedom all belong together.

This is a business, so in addition to talking about body liberation and my favorite type of cheddar, every so often I’ll invite you to work with me.

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