now enrolling for the love food again program! transform your relationship with food and stop feeling like your appetite – and body – are the enemy

Book Your First Appointment

After this initial session, we’ll schedule follow-ups together

If you’re ready to start your 1-1 work with me, book your first appointment here. This is a thorough assessment of your health, your history with food, your body, and your weight. We’ll also explore your relationship with food.  If we’re doing fertility work, we’ll explore everything you’ve been doing so far. We’ll create a shared vision for what our work will look like together.

If you are doing fertility work, you’ll get an additional intake form with oodles of questions. 

I’ll give you my best assessment of what I see and how I can help. If you decide to do Heal & Nourish (my 6-month individual nutrition coaching program), this session will be credited.

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