Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Austin, Texas

Compassionate, inclusive, weight-neutral nutrition and body image support for Intuitive Eating, eating disorders, chronic disease management, GI issues, and reproductive health in Austin, Texas.

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We can work together to help you:

Heal Your Relationship With Food

Feel Confident With Your Food Routines

Manage Health Conditions With Evidence-Based Nutrition

Lessen Self-Blame and Shame Around Your Health

A non-diet, weight-neutral approach is appropriate for all health conditions. If you’re curious about what a weight-neutral approach is, check this out. 

woman with light-brown skin carries groceries across a city street
Young, black, medium-size woman with a peace in her mouth

Find sustainable, enjoyable food and body habits.

We will work to seperate your weight from your health goals so you can build sustainable nutrition and self-care habits that truely work for you.

Working with a dietitian using a weight-neutral appraoch looks like:


Honest Nutrition Education

When nutrition education is focused on improving your health and hormones, not solely on losing weight, you have the space to build solutions that work long-term, not only while you’re “on the diet”.


Accountability With Implementing Food Experiences And Habits

Whether you need help meal planning, shopping, cooking, or just knowing what to eat, I will walk beside you and offer accountability in compassionate ways. If disordered eating is part of your experience, you’ll get guidance with this also.


Unpack and Process A Shame-Based Past With Food and Body

Self-blame and shame can be intense when you have a health condition that you hear is “lifestyle” related and “preventable” such as diabetes. I’ll help you unpack these feelings so you can trust you’re taking great care of yourself.

young, black, medium-size woman with a peace in her mouth

Working With A Non-Diet Dietitian in Austin

I individualize my work to each invidivual’s mental and physical health needs, personality, time availability, and life. Eating doesn’t happen in a vaccuum, no matter how often diet culture tells us it does.

Working with me can help you:


Improve blood sugar balance as it relates to diabetes, pre-diabetes, or PCOS.


Heal disordered eating such as binge eating, restricting, emotional eating, and obsessing about every calorie you eat


Learn what foods to eat more of, and which to eat less of in ways that feel good and not restrictive. 


Get in touch with your body’s cues and understand how to respond to them.


Build confidence in your food choices so you don’t have to worry about every tiny food choice.


Build capacity for self-compassion with yourself and your body.


Lower cholesterol, improve blood sugar balance, digestion, and energy.


Find practical ways to shop, prepare, and cook food for yourself that you actually like and that don’t take all your time, energy, or sanity.

And More

Ways to Work With Me

Individual Nutrition Counseling

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Working with a dietitian one-on-one is an effective way of improving your food habits and relationship with food.

We’ll explore your relationship with food, your health goals, and what is keeping you stuck. Then we’ll work toward lasting solutions based in self-care, not self-control. 

We’ll make a plan specifically for you, but rooted in a non-diet, healing approach.  We’ll take into account your culture, time availability, food preferences, and physical and mental health.

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How It Works

Virtual nutrition counseling in Austin, Texas

1. Initial Assessment

We’ll start with a 75-minute deep dive assessment. At this appointment, we’ll explore your health and labwork, your food and exercise habits, your past with food, weight, and body image, and likely a lot more! My goal is to understand you and your relationship with food as much as I can so I can be an effective guide.  We’ll end with a shared vision for the work we’re doing together and with the peace of mind that you’re working toward nutrition solutions you can live with. This is much more than nutrition education. This is nutrition counseling.

You can read more about pricing and package options here. 

You can get started now by setting up an initial appointment. If you’re unsure, you can email me or schedule a discovery call.

Dietitian services are conducted virtually from my Austin office via HIPAA-compliant telehealth software. 

2. Ongoing Sessions

If you’re coming to me to heal your relationship, I usually suggest a 6-month committment to start, touching base weekly or biweekly. I typically see people for 6 months – 1 year, sometimes longer. Real solutions take time and committment. But everyone is unique and some people just need a few sessions to get what they need.

During the initial assessment (or maybe at a discovery call) we’ll decide what cadance works for you. In between appointments, you’ll have meal and snack assignments, food and feelings journaling, and other means of deepening the work and staying accountable to yourself.

Follow up sessions will keep you accountable and actionable. We can explore habits, emotional eating, meal planning, Intuitive Eating, honoring hunger and fullness, feelings about your body and your health, and managing a chornic condition in our society. There’s a lot of stuff here sometimes!

We’ll keep having these sessions as long as you need them.

3. Tapering Off

It’s not a one-and-done type of deal. Once the core of the food and body work can come to a natural end, we’ll come up with a plan to teeter off of our work and for you to continue practicing your new tools on your own. Many clients find going down to once per month and then once per quarter feels really supportive.

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The Love Food Again Program

An Intuitive Eating coaching program for women ready to make peace with food

If your main concern is healing your relationship with food and your body, this program could be life-changing.

This program is a marvelous way to connect with other women who are sick of dieting and distrusting themselves. You’ll learn to stop blaming yourself and eat in balanced, attuned ways.

You will learn how to use the intuitive eating framework to care for your nutritional health, your health, and your body image.

Pricing and Fees

Individual Nutrition Counseling

6-Month Heal & Nourish Program: $399/month or $2290 pay in full

3-Month Heal & Nourish Program: $429/month

Mini-Set: Assessment & 2 Follow Ups: $590 + support package

*can go month-to-month for $429/month

The Love Food Again Program

$1447 paid in full

$244 / month for 6 months

Premium version (includes three 50-minute individual sessions with Emily)

*$1895 pay in full

*$319/month for 6 months

Limited sliding scale slots are avaiable for individual sessions.

I am out-of-network with insurance plans in Texas. I recognize that nutrition therapy can be costly. In addition to credit and debit cards, I accept HSA and FSA cards for my services and can provide you a superbill to send to your insurance company for reimbusement. 

Not sure what a superbill is? Read this. 

See the FAQ for more info and reach out with additional questions. I’m here to make the process of reaching out for support as easy as I can.

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