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Intuitive Eating

Nutrition Counseling & Coaching

Stop dieting and find out what health means to you.

Heal your relationship with food.

Woman with red hair enjoying a bowl of stir-fry  and eating intuitively


If you’ve spent years on one diet after another and find yourself confused and frustrated with empty promises and hating your body even more, working on intuitive eating could seriously change your life.

Working on intuitive eating with a dietitian can help you: 

Release the pull toward fad diets for good

Finally make peace with food so you can stop feeling controlled by it

Learn to listen to and trust your body

Gain the knowledge and confidence to nourish your body that way it wants

Working with a non-diet, intuitive eating nutritionist can help you make sustainable changes toward improved well-being. No more diets!

Woman with red hair enjoying a bowl of stir-fry and eating intuitively
Asian woman with chopsticks sitting down to a delicious meal, smiling and excited to eat her meal intuitively

Intuitive Eating can help you eat in attunement with your body’s needs.

Intuitive eating is a self-care framework that helps you listen and trust your body’s wisdom. There are 10 steps in the intuitive eating framework, all designed to get you out of the dieting mindset and reaquainted with what your body actually wants and needs.

Intuitive eating nutrition counseling could be great for you if:


You are sick of the false promises of dieting.

Our culture is obsessed with dieting. New fad diets are constantly in the news, on social media, and in our close relationships. Realizing the lies and harm that diet culture has done to you can help you find a more attuned way of eating.


You want to heal your relationship with food.

If you are binge eating, emotionally eating, chaotically eating, or are just constantly in your head about what you “should” be eating, working on intuitive eating can help.


You're sick of having negative body image.

Intuitive eating is not a diet plan and does not promise weight loss, but it does offer a framework for improving your body image and finding your set-point weight. 

What Working With An Intuitive Eating Nutritionist Can Do For You.

We can work on intuitive eating during individual sessions or inside my group program, The Love Food Again Program. These are both excellent ways to fine tune you inner intuitive eater. Working on intuitive eating with me can help you:


Understand and overcome binge eating


Respond neutrally and smartly to hunger, fullness, and satisfaction


Build confidence in your food choices so you don’t have to worry about every tiny food choice


Build capacity for self-compassion with yourself and your body


Understand what your food and body image struggles have been doing for you emotionally – find new coping mechanisms


Find practical ways to shop, prepare, and cook food for yourself that you actually like and that doesn’t take all your time


Explore joyful movement and heal your relationship with exericse


Finally buy the cookies without feeling compelled to eat them all in one sitting

Ways To Work With Me On Intuitive Eating

Individual Nutrition Counseling

inside the heal & Nourish program or ala carte

Working with me one-on-one is a highly indivualized way of healing from chronic dieting, disordered eating, food anxiety, and body image distress. 

We will start with a 75-minute deep dive in to your relationship with food, your dieting history, your weight and health history, and what you want for yourself in the future. 

We’ll make a plan specifically for you that is rooted in the intuitive eating framework, but that also takes into account your culture, your time avaialability, your food preferences, and your physical and mental health. 

I provide guidance, nutrition support, a safe place to uproot your ‘food issues’ so you can find a balance between calm and nourished. You’re figure out what health means to you and build lifelong skills for nutrition and self-care.

eating disorder dietitian emily in kitchen
group of diverse women walking on the beach laughing

The Love Food Again Program

a 6-month small group coaching program

This program is a marvelous way to connect with other women+ who are sick of dieting and disliking their bodies too. 

You will learn on your own time and come to the twice monthly group coaching to process and learn from each other. 

This program is rooted in intuitive eating, intersectional feminism, mindfulness, and the power of women in community. 

WHAT TO EXPECT with intuitive eating…


Learn To Listen To Your Body

You do not need to be educated on the food pyramid, I’m pretty sure of that. I commit to providing trauma-informed and culturally-sensitive food and nutrition counseling in a way that centers your lived experience – your body, your rules.


Build Smart and Satisfying Food Habits

I use intuitive eating, mindful eating, and other nutrition and body image approaches dynamically with each client. We’ll find what works for you, so that it can be integrated into your life with flexibility and care. 


Using Self-Compasion and Self-Love

My role is to help you understand your relationship with eating better, and then to move you toward balance and nourishment. 


Build Body Image Resilience

My role is to help you understand your relationship with eating better, and then to move you toward balance and nourishment. 

WHAT You Will not be doing…


Counting, Tracking, or Weighing

Using these external, rule and shame-based systems disconnect you from your body and can stand in the way of you finding balance. I love using body-centered journaling with clients, but this is very different that a tracker. We can talk about your weight, the details of your food, and why it’s so hard to let go of the rules. 


Be On A Weight Loss Protocol

I am not here to judge you or your choices. I have a firm belief that we are all doing our best with the resources we have. This belief allows me to help you consider what you want to change, and how you are already enough as you are.


Continuing To Blame Your Body For Being The Problem

I do not promise or promote weight loss. This doesn’t mean that you can’t desire it, just that THIS is what we can work through. How you want to feel about your body, not how you “need” to change it.

Pricing and Fees

Individual Intuitive Eating Nutrition Counseling

Initial Session $225

Follow Up Session $165

6-Month Heal & Nourish Program: $399/month or $2290 pay in full

3-Month Heal & Nourish Program: $429/month

*can go month-to-month for $429/month

The Love Food Again Program

$1447 paid in full

$244 / month for 6 months

Premium verion (includes 3 individual session)

*$1895 pay in full

*$319/month for 6 months

Credit card, debit card, HSA, and FSA cards accepted.

If you’d like to submit our sessions to your insurance company for reimbursement, I can provide you a detailed superbill.

Insurance, Etc.

I am in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Insurance can cover 1-1 sessions if you live in Louisiana. If you live outside of Louisiana, I can provide you a superbill and you can submit it for reimbursement. Email me with questions, I’m happy to help.



You verify your benefits


I'll send you a private link


I will submit claims to BCBS for you

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