The Pleasure Project

During the beginning of 2024, I am gifting 15 people a 90-minute deep dive conversation.

This is a space for 15 of you to explore how to find more peace and pleasure with food and feel better about your body, while addressing the guilt, shame, anxiety, frustration, overwhelm, perfectionism, and all of the ways in which our cultural conditioning has shaped the way you relate to and care for yourself.

all with the aim of improving your physical, mental, and emotional health.

These conversations are an opportunity for me to create and deepen relationships with the people who are in my community, or might want to be. Like you!

I’m also using this as an opportunity to serve this community that I am so deeply grateful for, and learn more about what you need.

**If there are no spots available, send me a direct message and let me know you’d like to get on the waitlist. I’ll get in touch if more spots open up.

You can also book a discovery call to discuss working with me, or sign up for my email list if you want to stay in the loop about future projects and other offerings.

Why the Pleasure Project?

You deserve to enjoy peace, pleasure, and confidence with yourself and your appetite. 

I see a common thread, both with my clients and more generally in the world around me. Successful, smart, loving, independent-thinking, fantastic people are trying like hell. Trying to eat right, to exercise, take care of themselves, to ‘fix’ their health problems. But unfortunately, it’s not working. They’re exhausted, confused, and no better off then when they started.

On top of that, they’re spending way too much time worrying about food, and very little time actually enjoying it.

Many also consider themselves ‘foodies’! They love eating, but they are so in their head about what they should and should not be eating, that their joy has been totally hijacked. And they’re scared.

They’re bold, badass folx and lots of things in life are going great. But food (and maybe their health) are another story.

What if enjoying food more could actually improve your health?

Why is it so hard to find that sweet spot between rigidity and “too much”?

Feeling like your body isn’t good enough can lock us into complicated, entangled relationships with food. If a health condition also comes with finger wagging from your doctor or the internet, the shame intensifies. This creates a need to comfort and soothe.  

Food is soothing.

But it doesn’t have to be your only coping mechanism. Exploring your relationship with food is the first step in understanding how to break out of this painful cycle.

Allow me to give you this 90 minute gift.

For pleasure

For freedom

For health

For all bodies

For you, whose feelings about food and your health are keeping you stuck. 

intuitive eating coaching emily with coffee

Together on this call, we will:

Discover the underlying (possibly faulty) assumptions you’re making about your body that are keeping you stuck distrusting it and not enjoying yourself with food.

Identify exactly what beliefs are getting in your way of feeling balanced and in control with food and identify a couple key areas you could lean into making change. 

Identify what is going well with food – what habits do you have that are supporting you? We’ll flush these out so that you can strengthen them and use them to form other positive habits.

Share and explore your vision for how you want to feel and relate to food and your body. How do you want to eat? How do you want to plan, shop, and prepare food?

Decide if working with me is right for you. I have two coaching programs that I offer –  individual and group. I am looking for 6 people to join each at the beginning of 2024.

Because the work I do is relationally-based, having extended time together is one great way for me to find the right people to work with. But these calls are NOT sales calls. These are meant to be stand alone sessions, designed to help you make progress and shake loose some stuck points so you can get free and happy with food again.

I want to give you inspiration and tangible guidance so you can build habits with food and movement that are undeniably sustainable and integrate into your life in a joyful, positive, comfortable way.

intuitive eating dietitian

I’m Emily

I am a non-diet and weight-inclusive intuitive eating dietitian, nutrition therapist, and body image healer. I’m HAES-aligned, trauma-informed, and have a strong feminist lens. I help women+ find balance with food, movement, and self-care and figure out what health means to them. 

The Pleasure project is for you if: 


You identify as any gender at all – woman, womxn, gender-queer, man, non-binary, trans man or woman – all people are welcome.


You have trouble feeling calm and in control with food – you have rigidity about what you eat, or you think you should have rigidity about what you eat. Maybe you’re binging or grazing constantly. Something feels dysfunctional and stressful.


You have either: tried to lose weight time and time again and it hasn’t worked, or the weight has come back each time, you have recently gained weight and are struggling with it, or you are terrified of gaining weight and spend too much time obsessing about your body.


You might have a hormonal health condition, like PCOS, endometriosis, or are dealing with fertility issues AND you’d like to see what a non-diet approach might open up for you. (This is not a requirement of this project, but I want to let those with these conditions know that this is a healing space for them too and that I am trained to help).


You sense that you can live a happier, more peaceful, and HEALTHIER life if you could do some healing around food and body image.


You’d like to sit down with a non-diet, HAES-aligned registered dietitian and certified intuitive eating counselor who will NOT give you the same old “food pyramid” advice.

This project is not for you if: 


You think I’m going to tell you how to lose weight. I don’t want to waste your time. We will absolutely talk about how you feel about your body and explore why you feel tethered to changing it, but I will not be telling you to cut carbs or use my fitness pal or giving you a magical potion to get rid of belly fat.


You think your relationship with food is tip top and you feel calm, balanced, and in control about the way you think about your body.

How It Works

A taste of what intuitive eating coaching feels like.

1. Schedule Your Call

Find a time that works for you right here.

Each conversation is 90 minutes and will take place on Zoom. I can record the conversation and send it to you so you have it for reference if you’d like.

If there are no spots left and you’d like to discuss working together, book a discovery call or check out my current offerings.

2. Confirmed!

Once booked, you’ll see a link to a short Pleasure Project workbook to fill out. Please fill it out within 48 hours of booking your spot. Conversations that are booked and no workbook is received back to me within 48 hours will be cancelled. 

3. Fill Out Your Workbook

Take your time with this. Give yourself 30 minutes to answer these questions thoughtfully. Try not to rush through it, but really reflect and dig for some honesty. This way I know best how to show up for you during our call.

4. I Review Your Workbook

This is relational work and I want to make sure you’re a good fit for the project. A booked call is not a guarantee for a spot. If after reading through your workbook, I don’t think this project or me would be the right fit for you, I’ll let you know and kindly cancel our call.

If we are a fit, I will send a confirmation email within 24 hours of receiving your workbook. Please prepare following my carefully crafted recommendations.

5. Show Up To Your Call

Cancellations within 48 hours or no-shows will not be allowed to re-schedule.








Join the Pleasure Project

And start off 2024 with some new insights that could change the tradjectory of your year.

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