How To Curate A Body Positive Social Media Feed

by | Feb 23, 2023

Body positivity on social media

Following body-diverse folks helps you unlearn the un-truth that only thin, white, cis, able-bodied people are worthy of acceptance and love. The more you see the full spectrum of what bodies look like, the more you’ll be able to view many body types as “normal”, including your own. 
Here are some of my favorite instagram accounts to follow. This is by no means an exhaustive list. There are many incredible voices not on this list, some that I have yet to find myself. Here’s a link to myself chatting about this.

Follow people that show you that living boldly and unapologetically in your body, as it is, is possible.

  • @fierce.fatty
  • @v_solesmith
  • @daringfat
  • @yrfatfriend
  • @virgietovar
  • @center4bodytrust
  • @alissarumseyrd
  • @thenutritiontea
  • @intuitiveeatingrd
  • @drdianagordon
  • @thebodyactivist
  • @whitneytrotterrd
  • @bodyimagewithbri
  • @mynameisjessamyn
  • @bodyimage_therapist
  • @kkellyyoga
  • @ampleandrooted
  • @dietitiananna
  • @neffselfcompassion
  • @minaa_b
  • @thebodyisnotanapology
  • @fat.and.pregnant
  • @rachaelharleyrd
  • @bodyliberationwithlindey
  • @raffela_mancuso
  • @adriennemareebrown

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